Main characters

Sunshine O'Donovan


Sunshine's full name is Shenandoah Sunshine Shuta O'Donovan. She attends senior highschool and is dreaming of a career as dentist. In real life, Sunshine is shy and reserved. "That is the Indian way", she explains during a break from shooting. "I don't like to draw attention to myself or make a scene: That's the way I am." Biography / Interview

Delilah Dick

Lela Woodland, Teacher

In the film Delilah Dick plays the new teacher, Lela Woodland, who comes to work at the Community of Lower Nicola. She is to teach the entire class of about 12 students between the ages of 6 and 18 (grades 1 - 12). Delilah Dick is a qualified social worker assigned to the Nicola Valley. Biography

Alana Aspinall

Melanie, Shana’s Mother

Melanie, Shana's mother, has been dead for two years. The only one who can see her is her husband, Elliot. In the film, Alana Aspinall plays the mother, who as a spirit stands by the living. In her life, Alana has done a lot of things: theatre actress, social worker, housewife, family therapist, health advisor. Biography

Marcel Shackelly

Elliot, Shana’s Father

Marcel Shackelly plays Shana's father, who has not been able to recover from the death of his wife, Melanie, and begins to drink. Marcel Shackelly plays the role of Elliot gently and delicately. He is having a hard time letting go. In real life, Marcel Shackelly is a manager. He is an independent consultant and deals mainly with the First Nations People (Indians) about projects that concern them. Biography

Marty Aspinall

First Mother, the Primordial Mother

In the film, Marty Aspinall plays "the mysterious woman" in the forest. In the Scw'exmx culture, young people go alone into the forest, fasting and meditating for three days and three nights, thereby encountering their power animals and forefathers. Their souls undergo a test and they must confront their worst fears. Marty Aspinall plays the First Mother in the original clothing of her ancestors. Biography

Vonnet Hall

Jeff Morgan, Sawmill Owner

Vonnett Hall represents the sawmill owner Jeff Morgan, who, with his sawmill company, has managed to become wealthy. Wood is an important economic factor in British Columbia and a few wood barons have divided the business amongst themselves. Most of the smaller entrepreneurs (like Jeff Morgan) are dependent on these businessmen and manufacture sawn lumber, which is then exported as raw material or semi-finished products. Biography